We enlighten Colombian traditions, culture and richness through amazing handmade pieces that embody the ancestral art of FILIGREE, the expertise of IRACA PALM craftmanship and the beauty of famous Colombian RAW EMERALDS with an exceptional LATINAMERICAN  touch of GLAMOUR.


Our jewelry is handmade using bronze threads and goldplated with 24k gold, nickel free.

FILIGREE is an ancient jewelry technique that came to our country since the time of the conquest and has been preserved for generations, being considered an art. Using this wonderful technique, our expert jewelers use tiny bronze threads to weave, fill and shape each of our pieces of jewelry like creating sophisticated laces.

IRACA PALM is a palm that is grown in Colombia in different territories. It is used as one of the main substitutes for illicit crops, implicitly carrying a high social impact. Artisans extract their fibers from it, dye and weave them, creating small pieces full of color and tradition.

RAW EMERALDS are real precious stones in their most natural state , as they come straight from the MUZO mines, one of the most recognized mine in our country. These emeralds have not been cutted or polished to become gems, which is why their value is different and their appearance is completely natural. And yes…They are real Colombian emeralds!

Our strong DNA has allowed us to showcase our collection at important events in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Paris, Madrid, Dubai and Monaco, among others. Our collection is sold in more than 15 countries around the world through specialized retailers and off course through our online store, we ship worldwide!



I am a modern,  independent, business woman, fashion lover, entrepreneur, creative, and dreamer.

Through each of my collections,  I express my passion in every detail, where creativity has no limits and no dream is impossible to come true.

Every piece of jewelry I design seeks to connect each woman who wears them with the best version of herself: empowered, feminine and self-confident.

Welcome to my world!

With love,