About the Designer


I´m a modern woman, independent, dreamer, fashion lover, businessgirl, entrepreneur, Creative and director of the Colombian jewelry brand which have my name. Ana Carolina Valencia contemporary jewelry, autor jewelry, creative jewelry, jewelry made with love.



That feeling that you can only reach when you enjoy what you do and the way you love your work. this is how through each of my collections, I capture my passion in every detail, where creativity has no limits, where no dream is unreacheable, where every jewelry piece that I design seeks to connect every woman who uses them with the best self-version.

They are fun, cheerful, colorful, modern, eye-catching jewels, thought to be used by authentic women, sure of themselves, full of confidence and charisma.
Our jewels are timeless pieces, because beyond following a trend or a passing fad, each collection seeks to propose original pieces that contribute style and remain valid within the treasures of those who use them. We are “little treasures” full of style and versatility.

All my jewelry pieces are made by hand in Colombia.


Inspired by that real woman who fulfills several roles in her life at the same time, our brand offers a unique style, full of details, mixtures of materials and jewelry techniques, which creates timeless and versatile pieces for empowered, very feminine and confident women.

An essence of our own that has led our brand to actively participate in important fashion fairs in Colombia, such as PlataformaK in Barranquilla and Colombiamoda in Medellín, where it has been in the exclusive pavilion of Brands with Author Seal: “The Vogue Talents Corner”.

An original proposal that allowed me to obtain great achievements and recognition by winning the “Best Jewelry Designer” award in the framework of the Vallecaucana Talent and Fashion Awards during 2016.

Many happy clients, distributors, new territories and projects that make Ana Carolina Valencia, one of the most promising and successful Colombian jewelry brands.