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Colombia the paradise of artisan jewelry

Tropicalia, the collection of jewelry designer Ana Carolina Valencia, represents everything that is Colombia, a natural paradise full of handcrafted treasures.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, ESTADOS UNIDOS, November 13, 2020 / — Colombia is a paradise known to many for its dreamy landscapes, rhythmic beats, and colorful scenery. The ultimate land of diversity, with towering green mountains, snow-covered volcanoes, and ethereal beaches that make it the perfect getaway destination. This year, however, has proven to be a challenging one. 2020 has been the year of canceled plans and postponed vacations, meaning paradise was going to have to wait- but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You might not be able to travel to paradise but…what if you could wear it?

Eight years ago, Colombian designer Ana Carolina Valencia sought to create a brand that fused handcrafted luxury with her heritage through the talented hands of Colombian artisans. Today, her namesake brand has traveled the world, partaking in exhibitions in Europe, Latin America, Dubai, The United States, and even the United Nations.

One glance at her website and international shop (hello worldwide shipping & free shipping on orders over 300 USD!) proves that Valencia’s work is anything but mainstream. By putting her heritage and creativity above the ephemeral trendiness that so many other jewelers fall for, she has created a revolution of ancestral jewelry. From earrings to ear cuffs, bangles, and necklaces, there’s something for everyone.

Valencia’s most recent collection, Tropicalia, is now available for purchase on her website and is currently being released in capsules.
Inspired by her hometown, Cali, known for its joyous atmosphere and natural beauty, Tropicalia is an ode to the very origins of the brand.

Valencia assures Tropicalia is above all “an invitation for us to always take pride in our roots, appreciate our surroundings and be thankful for the blessings and little things that life has given us the chance to appreciate”

Materials native to Colombia have always taken the center stage of her collections. Filigree and iraca palm have consistently been present in previous releases. For Tropicalia, however, the inclusion of both white and abalone mother of pearl gives her usual explosions of color, a touch of delicate neutrality. Locally harvested emeralds have been daintily sprinkled throughout the collection, engaging in a tropical dance between jewelry and artisanal luxury.

Due to the versatility of her pieces, collecting multiple items from the brand allows for endless possibilities. From earrings that could work as studs just as much as they could make a statement to chokers that can be worn in multiple ways, everyone’s creativity can fly through the mixing and matching of various pieces from the brand.

Ana Carolina Valencia’s creations invite us to step into a world of tropical summers that never quite seem to come to an end, where flowers and fresh fruit are in season all year long and where we owners of our own creativity through mixing and matching all the different pieces designed by Valencia and brought to life by local artisans. A world that is, incredibly enough, just one click away. Visit Ana Carolina Valencia’s website and step into a paradise of your own.

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